SIA offers engineering consulting services in the areas of stress analysis, vibration, dynamics, nonlinear analysis, heta transfer and thermoelasticity. We have technical staff holding PhD degree specialized in several aspects of mechanical, structural, aeronautical and aerospace engineering.

If you do not plan to invest in FEA technology we can do the analyses and interpret the results for you. If you are new to complex analysis or is venturing in a new area of expertise and has doubts on how to approach a problem we can provide the technical assistance you need.

Areas of expertise

  • Structural analysis
  • Linear analysis
  • Analysis of aeronautical structural components
  • Nonlinear analysis incluing nonlinear material response
  • Impact
  • Steady state or transient heat transfer
  • Thermoelastic analysis
  • Dynamics
  • Vibration and modal analysis
  • Frequency response
  • Transient dynamic response
  • Prestress effects (stiffening)
  • Composites
  • Structural optimization